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For years Leyette the owner & creative director of The Kingsman Collection has been helping women find those key pieces that last multiple seasons, flatter their figures and gives them the confidence to feel great in what they are wearing.
Leyette has creative sense of what works and what doesn’t, she is passionate about helping real women of all ages, shapes and sizes with varying budgets and lifestyles, look and feel the very best they can.
When shopping with us, every customer can be assured that they will be offered truthful styling advice. We are happy to offer styling advice to our customers when shopping on-line and welcome the opportunity to meet with you.
The Kingsman Collection has curated many lifestyle brands that offer a casual luxe elegance that are focused on classic colour palette, quality fabrics and excellent silhouettes to flatter.
When buying from many brands we focus on who is our customer and how practical that item will be worn, wether everyday or will it take her on the journey from the beach to the bush.
Contact us and let us help you put together outfits and looks that suit your personality and shape or to make an appointment.

Call Leyette on 0412 428 099 or email to make an appointment today.