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The Shanty Corporation is an effortlessly chic and sustainable lifestyle brand, with a classic European aesthetic.

A collaborative story of looking, listening, gathering and skilfully weaving together beautiful fabrics in our hand-blended colour palettes, sustainable materials + original prints until they are ready to be handed over to the customer.

With a focus on natural and sustainable fabrication, we work closely with our manufacturers to create
one-of-a-kind hand-worked pieces featuring intricate embroidery, artisan fabrics, natural linens and neutral colours in stunning silhouettes, perfect for year-round relaxation.
We only create a small number of each style, which means that every piece is a limited edition.

Effortless and relaxing but with chic styling for the sophisticated wardrobe must-have. The Shanty Corporation has the unique ability to transcend generations, and have a strong appeal to both a younger and older demographic.